IMG_1481The gratification of being busy can be irresistible. Whether it is orchestrating an event perfectly, watching your loved ones flourish under your low-key meddling, impeccably planning details and accomplishing tasks on your overflowing To Do List, or artfully collaborating with favorite people- a full, robust life floods us with feelings of success and achievement. All aspects of one’s life, precisely balanced. Feel that? It’s Perfect Harmony. Libra lives for these moments: when relationships and career and environment and coordinating find equilibrium.

Except for when we want just a little bit more, and suddenly, equilibrium is a rapidly fleeting ideal and we are instead left with unfinished tasks and neglected communities. Too often, scales tip and we are forced to recalibrate, rushing to get back to the harmony we strive so hard to sustain. At times, these shifts in balance are almost imperceptible, and at others, our entire life is thrown out of whack. But regardless of how extreme the shift, Libra reminds us our lives are in constant flux; the scales are constantly tipping, and each day is a practice of maintaining, striving to center ourselves amidst the constantly fluctuating pieces of our lives.

In order to sustain such a delicate equilibrium, we pay close attention to the ever-changing aspects of our lives. What do we balance? A full work schedule, a thriving community, multiple all-consuming projects? Whatever the rotating pieces, we endeavor to make sure each component is given the exact right amount of weight and attention; from each aspect of our lives, we give and take just enough to preserve the tenuous stability we have created.

And still, there is always a tipping point, an occurrence that upsets that fragile balance. We may add something stimulating into our social life, become engrossed in new research, begin a new relationship or reinvest in those we love the most. Perhaps responsibilities at work drain too much time or a challenging relationship demands too much energy. Or maybe we’ve lost something, or someone, suddenly and unexpected. Any exciting new development, sudden crisis, or super shitty time can displace the scales’ symmetry. What changes drastically disrupt our equilibrium, leaving us scrambling for steadiness?

Finally, when the scales are tilted immoderately, how do we bring balance back into our lives? Can we reestablish homeostasis when our lives feel so unstable? Rebalancing entails intention and prioritization, and tough choices, and firming up boundaries; there is only so much weight we can take, we only have so much time and energy to give. Where can we eliminate? Where can we redistribute? What, or who, deserves more from us? Maybe you politely decline a community obligation, linger in bed on your day off, intentionally prioritize plans with those you’ve neglected, or leave your bag full of work at work. What practices and behaviors can we implement to stabilize, what commitments can we make to restore stability?

Balancing requires constant attention. Equilibrium is fleeting, found only in tiny moments–fractions of seconds, really–between tips and shifts and changes. Yet, Libra encourages us to practice behaviors and cultivate skills that tip the scales back and forth to suit our needs and desires. We carefully mind all that we balance, anticipating those shifts and remaining prepared to re-calibrate, celebrating the precious moments of harmony in between.


 May this Libra season deliver balance (and maybe even some harmony).

Cards pictured here are from Wild Unknown Tarot