IMG_7494The days get a little longer, the sky a little brighter, and the world summons us out from the deepest depths of our wintry ruminations. And maybe you realized, with this newborn glimmer of light shed on your situation: stuff is kind of a mess. After many drawn-out months of reflection, revealing and dismantling and digging up various parts of ourselves, perhaps you- like me- have amassed quite a collection of emotional and psychic clutter.

Yet, the fledgling, hopeful first hints of spring are encouraging, and we feel prompted to do some tidying up. It’s time to lay it all out on the table: the tattered emotional memorabilia, the jagged-edged relics of expired relationships, the talismans of past journeys, the sets of antiquated dynamics and patterns—every piece of ourselves exposed and examined in the dimly lit weeks of winter spread out before us, vestiges from our dark inner crawlspaces.

We’ve uncovered some gems, of course. Tools and burnished treasures we didn’t know we possessed or hadn’t the experience to utilize sooner. Proud of our discoveries, we hold fast to these newfound assets- willpower, patience, assertiveness. We ask ourselves, how can I use these inner resources each day? And we do, we incorporate them into the routines and practices of our daily life.

And there are some solid maybes- pieces we aren’t quite sure how to employ but know that, once repurposed or re-envisioned, they could be of use. To make sure we don’t forget them, we store these articles- stubbornness, overconfidence, bluntness- out in the open, reserving them for later, when we have the time or the knowledge to better scrutinize and determine a use for them.

For many, the following part is the hardest: letting go of the pieces of ourselves that we simply no longer need. We contemplate each of these articles carefully, remembering when we needed them, when they brought us safety, reassurance, consolation. Our mind drifts wistfully along our collection of emotional security blankets- pride, avoidance, vengefulness. Must they really all go? What if I need them again? They’re taking up so much space though, cluttering up our psyche and leaving hardly any room for something new. And we’ve carried them around for so long, it’s time to set them down, to unburden ourselves from their weight. Resolutely, we begin to release those qualities that do not serve us, making space for the new talents we will cultivate throughout the year.


So, with our load significantly lightened, we spring forth, embracing the growing light of each day.

Cards pictured here are from Wild Unknown Tarot