A new year opens and, naturally, we pause a moment to catch our breath, reflect on our life progress and set intentions for our coming steps. Capricorn season provides an opportunity to examine which long-range goals we have steadily chipped away at, which are we eagerly embarking upon, and which we have successfully summited. Wherever we are in our ascent, Capricorn reminds us that we all constantly climb mountains.

image1Nestled at the top of each peak lie our great, distant ambitions: progress, opportunity, position, stability, awareness, growth, but, most importantly, authority over our lives. The highest point holds our most ideal environment: an environment containing a just right combination of resources to thrive, boundaries to feel secure, and space to grow. But, in order to arrive, we must be willing to scale the heights.

As we traverse, we mark our progress by evaluating the current stage of our journey and honing our skills accordingly. Perhaps we are just starting out, finding our footing. We may be practicing our skills, or concentrating our efforts on more rigorous terrain. We could be applying the skills and knowledge acquired after traveling such a distance. Or, having finally reached the summit, we might rest comfortably, enjoying the space our hard work has crafted.

At times, the trek towards our ideal life situation is long, perilous, and littered with constant ordeals and obstacles. Our shoes may be too tight, our thirst too great, our bodies too sore, our will worn down. Hailstorms of oppression rain down on us and we drag along the heavy burden of binary thoughts and perfectionism. Exhausted and impatient, we doubt that we will ever actually get there and wonder if we should maybe just turn back and stay put in our ordinary, unchallenging valley.

Capricorn prompts us to keep our eyes upward, to combat our discouragement and weariness with a crystal clear vision of what we are striving for: the hard earned environment that meets our deepest needs. Because, like Capricorn, many of us aren’t willing to linger down in the valleys, dissatisfied and unfulfilled. Regardless of how arduous the expedition, Capricorn encourages us to persist in putting one foot in front of the other, tirelessly, until we reach the peak.


May this Capricorn season carry you steadily upward, over the mountain.

Cards pictured here are from Nomad Tarot