img_6729Sometimes, the urge to create, to explore, to discover, to get moving, settles upon us. Whether it incepts gradually or in a sudden moment of inspiration, the impulse takes hold and once again, we’re ready to pick up our bows and launch into something new.

Eagerness for a new project is palpable, stimulating, compulsory– it won’t be ignored. Too easily we shoot blindly into the future, only to find our efforts landing far off course. Whatever the new project, to really hit our mark we must move forward deliberately.

So, like the most adept Sagittarian archer, we employ our zeal for something new but pick up our bows with intention. We set our sights on an end goal and aim well. We grasp the string firmly and draw back, purposefully pulling together our plans, proposals, and research. Upon release, we channel every force that will propel our project forward, all the while keeping our gaze locked on the final outcome, scanning carefully for signs of impact, looking away only when our arrow has truly landed.


Wishing you an inspired, propulsive Sagittarius season.

cards pictured here are from Wild Unknown Tarot