Cards pictured are from the Mary-el Tarot.

Beginnings are delicate times. So much can go wrong as we get going, so much can happen to make action feel futile or unsustainable or trivial. So many beginnings wind up wasted.


20161120_155349You may be full of fire and energy, desire and ambition, even as you lack the sense to consider where you step. Or maybe you’re like me, so concerned with Not Messing Up, so focused on Doing It Right, that what feels like strong forward momentum turns out to be fruitlessly spinning wheels. Perhaps your attention is absolute, and progression is steady, but you’re unsure where you’re going, or what means to use to get there. Maybe none of these things are true, and it just feels bad to be starting–to leave things behind, to be unsure of what’s to come, to lack proficiency and ease in your movements.



So, beginnings are delicate times. Delicate doesn’t mean simple, though. So much happens at the start, so many seemingly trifling but actually meaningful pieces live there. So much power, ready to transform…if we let it. If we allow ourselves to stroll–rather than speed-walk–through it, perhaps even loll about in it. We can plunge deep into our desires, peek (or peer!) into the shadows, get cozy with what scares us. We can stretch into the possibilities, spin out into what inspires us, partition the path ahead into concrete steps. When we brave a consciousness shift, open ourselves to the dizzying rush of all those potentialities, allow ourselves to feel them, we make ready for magic. We welcome ourselves as witches as we apply our will to the world.


20161120_155413At first, I thought this post was gonna be about The Fool, who stays open and moves forward, ‘in perfect love and perfect trust’, as Greer says (see References). But as I kept writing and thinking and revising and rethinking, I realized that I wasn’t talking about Major Arcana stuff and the journey of our souls, but about the earthly realm, and the journey of our bodies. Our bodies carry us through this brutal, beautiful life, growing and acting and feeling and thinking, figuring out our work in the world. We reach and fall and try harder and strive and fuck it up and try more and triumph and win and try and try and try again. There are so many starts, little conspicuous ones, and big secret ones, all wrapped up together with all the actions of our bodies. The Aces tell the humble stories of opening. They are the root of our imagination, the origin of invention, the crux of our issue (results), the seeds of implementation. When Aces pop up, they remind us that we can start again all the time, that fresh chances are always on the way.



Welcome to Black Light Tarot. Thanks for joining us as we embark upon something new!